Norwegian is Being Forced to Use Wetlease Operators on Popular Routes Including Orlando, Miami and Chicago

Norwegian Hiring Temporary Long-Haul Cabin Crew at its London Gatwick Base

Despite everything that is happening in the airline business at the moment, the low-cost carrier Norwegian has announced a number of new cabin crew bases across its Scandanavian short-haul network. And now, Norwegian is even hiring cabin crew to join its long-haul team based at London Gatwick Airport.

This is a pretty big deal considering most airlines in Europe have suspended cabin crew recruitment as they prepare to deal with the fallout of the Coronavirus outbreak that has seen passenger demand seriously slump. Lufthansa even stopped training courses halfway through and withdrew job offers because of what’s happening at the moment.

Norwegian's UK-Based Cabin Crew Are Not Happy About Ongoing Dreamliner Issues
Photo Credit: Norwegian

What’s even more surprising with Norwegian’s decision is that the airline actually said it would trim capacity this year – more than it has previously announced. You would, therefore, think that Norwegian would be trying to reduce crew numbers rather than hiring even more.

But what we do know is that London Gatwick has been one of Norwegian’s most successful long-haul bases and operations out of the airport have helped Norwegian propel itself to become the largest foreign airline serving New York City.

Unlike in the past, however, Norwegian isn’t prepared to offer permanent contracts straight away. Instead, successful candidates will be hired for the Summer 2020 season with training courses expected to start between mid-April and early May.

Initially, crew will only be employed for between four to six months, although that may well be extended for a further six months and then there’s the possibility of being made permanent.

As always, applications must be submitted via the official Norwegian recruitment website and the whole process will be handled by OSM Aviation.

Along with New York City, the airline serves 10 other U.S. destinations including Los Angeles, Boston and Miami. The airline also flies direct to Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro from London Gatwick.

Further information can be found here.

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