It all started back in 2017 when I managed to achieve my dream yet again.  The same dream as yours; to become a flight attendant.

We devote huge amounts of time, effort and money to achieve this dream. The world of cabin crew recruitment is tough and ultra-competitive. Getting through this ruthless process can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

That’s certainly what I felt when I was knocked back time after time by airline recruiters. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong but I was determined to learn from my mistakes.

paddleyourownkanoo.com was borne out the information and knowledge I gained in achieving my dream.  This works – I’ve been invited to numerous cabin crew Assessment Days and I’ve been offered jobs from a number of major international airlines.

Today, I continue to send applications and attend Assessment Day’s.  My mission – to help you through the process.  There’s no secret, checklist formula or 100% guaranteed promise.  But I hope that what you read here will prepare you for your journey.

Cabin crew recruitment is never going to be easy but I hope the PYOK website helps you on your journey!