The Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume or CV

The Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume

Writing a Cabin Crew resume or CV isn’t much different than writing a resume for any other job.  But that probably doesn’t make the thought of creating a resume for your Cabin Crew application any less daunting.

Recruiters and hiring managers will spend just six seconds scanning your resume.  That’s not a lot of time to make an impression.  And that’s even if your resume is ever seen by a recruiter.  Most airlines now use computer software, called ATS systems, that scan and filter resume’s without any human involvement.

Airline recruiters receive thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of applications every time they do a Cabin Crew recruitment drive.  Screening all those applications is no mean feat.  So the ATS scans all the submitted resume’s and then determines if the candidate is a good match for the Cabin Crew job.

To make sure your resume passes this test – and then impresses the recruiter – you need to create a bespoke Cabin Crew resume.  Designed and written specifically for the Cabin Crew role.  It takes time and a little bit of effort but the results are definitely worth it.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, simply follow this Step-by-Step guide.  This method has been tried, tested and is proven to work time and time again.

STEP ONE - Curate your details -Create Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume

STEP ONE – Collate Your Details

Start by collecting all the boring information that will be needed for your Cabin Crew resume.  Sometimes we can be tempted to guess or provide the rough date we finished a job or graduated from school.  This simply won’t do.  You need to have the exact details.  That includes addresses, names, phone numbers and dates.

The details you include on your resume will differ based on your personal circumstances.  For example, if you’ve had more than 10 years work experience, you won’t need to include what grades you got at High School.

However, the airline will probably request these details on your online application so you might as well collect all the information you might need before you start.


  • Names of all places of education – High School, College, University, etc.
  • Finish dates (Month and year).
  • Names and scores for all educational certificates.

Employment and Voluntary Work:

  • Name of employer.
  • Title of role.
  • Month and year of the start and end of employment.

Step two - format your resume -The Step by Step Guide to Creating Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume

STEP TWO – Format Your Resume

Now it’s time to start filling out these details onto your resume.  You’ll want a Cabin Crew resume that looks professional and presents all the information in an easy to read format.

You can find a lot of resume templates on the internet or on popular word processing software but these aren’t designed to work with the ATS software that airline recruiters use.

We’ve created six free templates that not only look great but are also 100% ATS proof.  Our templates cover a range of personal circumstances so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Receive 6 Free Resume Templates by Email

If you would prefer to create your own resume from scratch then there are a few simple rules that you need to follow.  Check out this article that will guide you through the process: How to Format Your Resume to be ATS Proof

Don’t be tempted by colourful and over the top resume designs.  The computer can’t ‘read’ them properly and they won’t impress the recruiter.  Cabin Crew recruitment is a conservative business, so ‘big, bold and bright’ resumes are best left to media and creative industries.

Don’t include the following on your resume: your photo, date of birth, nationality, References.

Step three - learn the requirements - Create Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume-3

STEP THREE – Learn the Qualities that Airlines are Looking For

What are the specific skills, qualities and competencies that airline recruiters are looking for?  Time to research everything about the airline you want to work for.

Scour their website and look at the ‘About’ pages to gain an in-depth knowledge of the company.  Check out their social media pages and search for videos on YouTube to get a sense of their priorities and personality.

You then need to carefully study the Cabin Crew job advert.  What specific qualities are they looking for?  What skills and competencies do they regard as making an excellent member of Cabin Crew?


Jot down all the qualities, skills and competencies that you find listed on the job advert.  These are the qualities that you’ll need to focus on when you write your resume.

Think of them as a list of keywords to be included in your resume.  If you write a single line that doesn’t help to prove you possess these qualities, ask yourself what that line is even doing in your resume.

Saying you possess a skill but not explaining how you possess it just won’t cut it.  Here’s an example:

“I work well in a team”


“I listened to ideas from colleagues, made suggestions and as a team decided a plan”

Some airlines don’t go into a lot of detail about the qualities and competencies they’re looking for – Emirates, Etihad and Qatar included.  However, we’ve done research on what qualities nearly all airlines consider important, so if you find yourself in this position, check out this article:  The Best Qualities to Highlight in Your Cabin Crew Application Resume.

Step Four - what style to write your resume in -Create Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume-4

STEP FOUR – What Style to Write Your Resume in

This is a really confusing part of resume writing that a lot of people get wrong.  Follow these simple rules for a resume that the hiring manager will actually enjoy reading:

First of all, write everything in the past tense.  Eliminate all pronouns – I and my.  For example:

“Served customers and resolved problems quickly and efficiently.  Successfully managed the shop and staff.”

Pay particular attention to the Personal Summary and Work Experience sections of your resume:

Personal Summary: One to two paragraphs highlighting your very best achievements and personal qualities.  Short, sharp sentences.

Work Experience: Four to five bullet points per job role.  Short, sharp sentences that highlight your best achievements.

If you’d like further information on this section, check out the following article which goes into more detail: First Person or Third Person? What Style to Write Your Resume In

Step Five - Describe your achievements - Create Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume-5

STEP FIVE – Describe Your Achievements

Many people write a resume by simply listing their duties and responsibilities.

But a resume that instead focuses on achievements can provide a compelling picture of the person you really are.  It allows the recruiter to see your personality and the personal attributes that make you special.

Sometimes when we do the same job day in, day out it’s easy to lose track of the small achievements we’ve made.  Although everything you write in your resume has to be the truth, try to remember that your resume is the first opportunity to sell yourself.

Where possible, use numbers to quantify your achievements.  This isn’t always possible but if you helped 200 customers or sold €1,000 worth of clothes because of the service you provided – say it.

This isn’t an easy task to get right and it will take some practice.  For some specific examples check out this article: How to Write a Winning Resume – Describe Achievements, Don’t Bore with Responsibilities

Step Six - Check and check again - Create Your Perfect Cabin Crew Resume-6

STEP SIX – Check and Check Again

By now, you should have a really good looking Cabin Crew resume that highlights your best achievements.  All your evidence is linked to the specific qualities that airline recruiters are looking for and your personality is shining through.

But there’s always room for improvement.  Small mistakes are easily made, bad words creep in and we occasionally lose focus.  Reading and re-reading your Cabin Crew resume is absolutely essential.

There are some great free online resources that will also help to further improve your resume.  These tools look for bad keywords and phrases that could hurt the success of your resume.  Check out the full list of these resources here: The Best Online Resume Writing Tools for Your Cabin Crew CV

And that’s it – You have your perfect Cabin Crew resume.  Please don’t rush this process.  it could take a couple of days or several weeks until you are happy with your resume.  Think of it as a living document – something that you can come back to and improve upon.

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