Qantas Is Hiring Cabin Crew On Casual Hours for Domestic Flights

Qantas Is Hiring Cabin Crew On Casual Hours for Domestic Flights from PER, MEL and ADL

Here’s a really interesting opportunity for cabin crew candidates based in either Perth, Melbourne or Adelaide – Qantas is currently recruiting cabin crew on casual hour contracts.  Or rather, MAM Aviation Support Services are recruiting the cabin crew but applications have to be submitted via the official Qantas recruitment website and successful candidates will only work on Qantas-operated domestic flights.

What makes this opportunity so interesting is that cabin crew employed by MAM don’t have a guaranteed set number of hours they work each month, they don’t get paid when on holiday or off sick, and they don’t get any of the usual benefits that directly-employed cabin crew enjoy – like staff travel.

Photo Credit: Qantas
Photo Credit: Qantas

So what do MAM-employed cabin crew get?  Money is the simple answer – by accepting the risks of working on a casual hours contract, MAM and Qantas are willing to pay these staff a lot more money than directly employed crew.  When times are good, you’ll work nearly as many (if not as many) hours are full-time cabin crew but your take home pay will much better.

Obviously, this isn’t an opportunity that would suit everyone.  There are risks involved and it might not be a job suitable for people in the long run – but this opportunity could allow you to become cabin crew while also earning a good wage.  A perfect way to save some cash or experience the role of cabin crew for a few years at most.

Many of the minimum requirements for the role are the same as for normal Qantas cabin crew:

  • You must be either a permanent resident of Australian / New Zealand citizen
  • At least 18-years old
  • Height of between 163-183cm
  • Fit and healthy, with the ability to swim at least 50 metres and tread water for three minutes

Positions are available in Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide operating flights in the Qantas domestic network.  Applications have to be submitted via the official Qantas recruitment website and the deadline to submit your application is the 28th July.

If a more permanent position is more your style then you might be interested in an opening for cabin crew at Qantas Link based in Brisbane.  Applications close on 3rd July and more details can be found on the Qantas recruitment website.

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