Happy 2018: Emirates Has Finally Reopened Cabin Crew Recruitment - Applications Being Accepted Now

Happy 2018: Emirates Has Finally Reopened Cabin Crew Recruitment – Applications Being Accepted Now

Wow!  Back in mid-January, Emirates’ chief operations officer, Adel Al Redha said his airline would “soon start recruiting cabin crew.”  The only problem was that no one knew what “soon” meant – it turns out the recruitment team have been working day and night with the recruitment process suddenly opening up this morning.

This will be incredibly welcome news for the thousands of hopeful candidates who have been waiting patiently for Emirates to start hiring again.  The airline stopped accepting applications back in December 2016 so it’s certainly been a very long wait.

For serving crew, this announcement couldn’t come soon enough.  In an attempt to cut costs, Emirates suspended recruitment in order to battle a very weak financial performance in 2016/2017.  As a result, crew have said they are overworked due to a lack of new joiners.

The good news is that the airline’s financial situation has improved dramatically recently.  Tim Clark, Emirates’ president said at the end of 2017: “Despite the ups and downs of 2017, Emirates delivered steady growth and we have come out stronger and even more resilient.”

At the Dubai Air Show last year, Emirates placed a massive $15.1 billion USD order for 40 Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner’s.  Beating that figure, Emirates recently saved the Airbus A380 programme by placing an order for up to 36 of the superjumbo’s worth $16 billion.

Only a few days ago, Emirates said it would bolster its U.S. services with a new direct flight from Dubai to Newark.  The airline is also increasing its number of services to Fort Lauderdale in Florida.  The move is seen as significant after Emirates had to partly retreat from the U.S. market following moves made by the Trump Administration.

There are, however, still a lot of unanswered questions.  While we have reached out to both Emirates and our sources, everyone is staying tightlipped at the moment.  We don’t yet know how many cabin crew the airline plans to hire, how long the application process will be open or where Assessment Day’s will take place.

Nor have we got confirmation of when ab initio training will start – although it’s suggested that April is likely to be a key month.

What we do know, is that the application process is going to be very different.  More so than ever before, the quality of your resume/CV is going to be vitally important.  You’ll also need to be prepared for a new pre-recorded video interview.

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