Etihad Airways is Finally Hiring New Cabin Crew Again - But Successful On Hold Candidates Will Have to Reapply

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Salary and Benefits 2020

Ignore some of the bad press that has plagued Etihad Airways recently.  Because make no mistake, this Abu Dhabi-based airline is still a major player in global aviation.  In fifteen short years, Etihad has built up a global network of 112 destinations including New York, London, Sydney and Cape Town.

Etihad is an airline that has built a reputation as being an excellent employer – One with nearly 27,000 current staff from around the world.  In fact, 153 nationalities are represented within the Etihad Airways family.

And as an award-winning and Skytrax recognised five-star airline you can expect some amazing career opportunities.  As Cabin Crew you’ll also get to operate one of the youngest and most advanced aircraft fleets in the world.

Admittedly, the pay and benefits aren’t quite as generous as the neighbouring Dubai-based Emirates.  And growth has certainly slowed compared to the stellar developments seen in previous years.  But as a young, dynamic and forward-thinking airline, you can expect reasonable pay, excellent opportunities and the chance for advancement.

All Cabin Crew have to be based in Abu Dhabi, the home of Etihad Airways and are therefore paid in Dirhams (AED)

Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Pay / Salary

  • Basic Monthly Salary: 3,500 AED per month
  • Flying Pay:  At the moment, flying pay is set at 41 AED per hour.  You’ll receive this from the moment you check-in to the time the aircraft reaches the gate at its destination.
  • Overnight Allowances: To pay for food and drink during layovers.  The amount you get paid is dependent on the length of stay, cost of living at destination, etc.  What you don’t spend, you get to keep.  At Etihad, the overnight allowance is paid directly into your bank account based on what destinations you visited the month previous.
  • Total Monthly Earnings: You can expect to earn a total (inclusive of allowances) of approximately 8,000 – 9,000 AED per month.  This will depend on the number of flights you work and the length of layover at each destination.

The salary is paid tax-free but depending on your nationality, you may be expected to pay tax in your home country.  You should check with the relevant tax authorities in your country.

Accommodation and Transport

  • Shared Accommodation:  All Cabin Crew are expected to live in company provided accommodation.  You’ll share an apartment with 1-2 other people.  The apartments are spread out across Abu Dhabi and are fully furnished to a high standard.  Utility bills are paid by Etihad but you’ll have to pay for TV, phone and internet services.
  • Visitor Rules:  You are allowed to bring visitors back to your apartment but those of the opposite sex to you cannot stay overnight.  Visitors of the same gender can remain overnight but for no more than 30 days at a time (the 30-day limit does not apply to other Etihad employees).
  • Married Persons Accommodation Allowance: If you’re married you can choose not to live in shared accommodation.  Instead, you’ll receive monthly accommodation allowance.
  • Transport: Etihad will provide a free shuttle bus between your accommodation and Abu Dhabi airport.  If you live out of accommodation you receive a monthly transport allowance.

End of Service Benefit

Instead of a pension, you’ll receive what is called an ‘end of service benefit’.  This is paid as a lump sum when you leave the company.  The amount paid can go up significantly once you have been with the airline for several years.

Etihad Cabin Crew Benefits:

  • Uniform: Your uniform is fully paid by Etihad.  Dry cleaning and laundering are provided free of charge.
  • Annual leave ticket: You get one free return ticket to anywhere in the Etihad route network.  This is to allow you to visit your home country.
  • ID 90 Flights: You can buy an unlimited number of tickets with 90% discount (on standby).  The discount is also offered to your immediate family for unlimited travel.
  • Business & First Class Travel:  Etihad allows all Cabin Crew to use their special tickets for Business & First Class travel as long as space exists in the cabin – otherwise, you’ll have to fly Economy.
  • Supplementary Tickets:  You can also nominate a further ten friends or family for discounted ‘supplementary tickets’.  Cost and availability can vary widely.

Other Benefits

  • iSave Card: Offers special discounts across Abu Dhabi and the Gulf region.  You can get money off at beach clubs, restaurants, gyms and retail shops.
  • Luxury Layover Hotels: Etihad provides its Cabin Crew with 4 or 5-star hotel accommodation on layovers.  Your time is your own and you do not have to share a room with anyone else.

Remember, Etihad Cabin Crew do not have access to a union and have no bargaining rights.  We’ve done our best to reflect the current pay and conditions for Etihad Cabin Crew but these may change at any time.

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