Have you applied to become a flight attendant with Emirates? What does your Emirates cabin crew application submission status actually mean

What Does Your Emirates Application Submission Status Mean?

When Emirates starts recruiting Cabin Crew again you’ll need to submit your resume and application online.  Even candidates who attended one of the old Open Day’s and were shortlisted for Final Interview were then required to create an online profile and application.

What then happens to your application?  Throughout much of the recruitment process, you’ll only have a tiny amount of information to guess what the recruiters are doing with your application.

Have you been successful?  Has your application been lost?  Will you ever hear back from the Emirates recruitment team?

What is the Submission Status?

Once you’ve created an online application on the Emirates careers website you’ll have access to your ‘Submission Status’.  It’s from here that many candidates see updates to write about their recruitment journey timeline.    It’s a great way to give other candidates a sense of how long the process can take and what they might expect to happen next.

But the Submission Status can sometimes be confusing and it doesn’t always tell the full story.  Each status message has been customised by Emirates to match to steps they take in the recruitment process.  The status is automatically updated depending on choices made by recruiters behind the scenes.

The Full List of Emirates Cabin Crew Application Submission Statuses:

Here’s the full list of Submission Status messages that you might see on your Cabin Crew application.

  1. Application Received – You’ve submitted your application and it has passed the initial ATS screening.  It will now be shortlisted for review.
  2. Completed – Nothing else is going to happen to your application.  You have not been successful on this occasion.  In the past, this status sometimes showed when the applicant had been invited to attend an Open Day.
  3. Application Under Review – Your application is being reviewed by the recruitment team.  A recruiter will evaluate your resume, skills, photos and consider other factors to decide if your application should be progressed.
  4. Application in Progress – As above.
  5. Interview Complete – The recruitment team has simply marked on your file that you have been interviewed for the position.  There is no indication of when a final decision will be made but this status denotes that your file is open and the recruiter is actively considering you for the role.
  6. Application Unsuccessful – Unfortunately, you haven’t been successful on this occasion.  This status normally triggers an automatically generated email to inform you of the recruitment teams decision.
  7. Approval in Progress – Congratulations!  You’ve been conditionally offered the job.  This status means that the company now has to approve all of your paperwork and medical information.
  8. Joining Formalities in Progress – You’ve pretty much got the job!  Now the onboarding process starts.

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Does this Tell the Full Story?

Not entirely.  The Submission Status you see doesn’t always match up with what is happening behind the scenes as there are so many options available to the recruiters.

The hiring manager is using a powerful piece of recruitment software called Taleo that completely controls the recruitment process.  The Submission Status automatically changes depending on what choices have been made by the recruiter but there are limitations to this process.

There’s a longer article about how the Taleo system works here: What Does Your Online Job Application Submission Status Actually Mean?

How Long Will Emirates Cabin Crew Recruitment Process Process Take?

In the 12 months leading up to the Emirates recruitment freeze, recruiters told candidates that the process took take up to 6 months from start to finish.  Many candidates who were successful in the second half of 2016 have now been waiting over six months.  Some have been told that their application has ‘expired’, others have been placed on indefinite hold.  There is no indication when the process may start again.

Typical Lead Times:

  • Application Submitted Online: Emirates tell candidates that if they don’t receive a response within 6 weeks then their application has not been successful.  However, your Submission Status could give you clues as to the success of your application way before this deadline.
  • Invited to Assessment Day: This was always dependent on where in the world you lived and when Emirates were next scheduled to hold an Assessment Day in your region.  At the moment Emirates has no Assessment Days planned.
  • Invited to Final Interview: If you made it through an Open Day or Assessment Day you would be invited to Final Interview.  In some cases, this would be held the same day as the Assessment Day.  Typically however, it would be held the next day.  In some rare occasions when the Assessment Day was very busy the Final Interview could be scheduled 1-2 weeks later.
  • Result of Final Interview: Emirates recruiters advise that the result of your Final Interview can take up to 3 months.  However, this is a very fluid timeline.  Some candidates receive news within 3-4 weeks.  Others wait for between 4-5 months.

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