Frontier Airlines to Open New Flight Attendant Base in Puerto Rico

Frontier Airlines has penned a deal with the government of Puerto Rico to open a new pilot and flight attendant base in San Juan, where up to 290 crew members will be based.

The ultra-low-cost carrier is the fastest-growing airline in Puerto Rico, having more than doubled its seat capacity on the island in the last four years. Frontier currently operates 14 nonstop routes from San Juan and also serves Puerto Rico’s two other main airports.

“Our base will provide significant economic impact and new jobs for Puerto Ricans,” commented Frontier CEO Barry Biffle on Wednesday.

“A crew base also helps support smooth flight operations — benefiting customers flying to and from the island who will have access to a wide variety of destinations, including a number of underserved markets, as we continue to grow our Puerto Rico operations,” Biffle contained.

Frontier is embracing a European-style base strategy with pilots and flight attendants based around its network rather than in just a handful of hubs. This allows the airline to reduce crew layovers and recover quickly in the event of ‘irregular operations’ such as severe weather.

The airline will start the process of hiring new flight attendants for the Puerto Rico base next month, although interviews will be by invitation only, and candidates must first submit an online application.

Combined with airport and maintenance positions, Frontier estimates that the new base will generate nearly $84 million annually in local wages and further growth is anticipated in the coming years.

Mateusz Maszczynski

Mateusz Maszczynski honed his skills as an international flight attendant at the most prominent airline in the Middle East and has been flying throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for a well-known European airline. Matt is passionate about the aviation industry and has become an expert in passenger experience and human-centric stories. Always keeping an ear close to the ground, Matt's industry insights, analysis and news coverage is frequently relied upon by some of the biggest names in journalism.

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