Is Etihad Airways Trying to Headhunt Qatar Airways Cabin Crew… Again?

Is Etihad Airways deliberately trying to headhunt Qatar Airways cabin crew? That’s certainly what a lot of people are thinking with the decision by Etihad’s recruitment team to hold an Open Day in the Qatari capital next week as they continue their search for new cabin crew.

Etihad Airways will be holding a rare Open Day at the Al Najada Hotel in Doha on September 12, 2023, between 8 am and 5 pm where candidates are invited to drop off their CVs for an almost immediate review.

CORRECTION: There Might Still Be Hope For Etihad Airways Cabin Crew Recruitment This Year!
Photo Credit: Etihad

Shortlisted candidates should then expect to be invited to an Assessment Day in the days following the Open Day.

There are two things that make this recruitment event stand out. First, Etihad doesn’t normally organise Open Days, preferring instead to get candidates to submit their initial application online and only then invite a small percentage of applicants to an Assessment Day.

Secondly, there used to be an agreement of sorts by the various Gulf airlines not to conduct recruitment events in neighbouring countries, in part to avoid a situation in which employees would swap from one airline to another.

Coming out of the other side of the pandemic, however, those rules have been thrown out of the window, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Etihad Airways fly the short distance to Doha on the hunt for cabin crew.

Of course, Etihad’s recruiters could just be interested in candidates from across the hospitality industry in Doha, but the hot money is on recruiters targeting serving Qatar Airways cabin crew.

The event is likely to be oversubscribed, with Qatar Airways hoping to win a better-paid job in Abu Dhabi with improved terms and conditions.

If you live outside of Doha and can’t attend next week’s Open Day, then the only other way to apply to become Etihad Airways cabin crew is by submitting an application via the official Etihad Airways recruitment website.

Etihad recently;y migrated to a new recruitment website so if you’ve submitted an application in the past, you’ll now probably need to create a new profile.

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