Etihad Airways is Finally Hiring New Cabin Crew Again - But Successful On Hold Candidates Will Have to Reapply

Etihad Airways is Finally Hiring New Cabin Crew Again – But Successful On Hold Candidates Will Have to Reapply

Etihad Airways has finally reopened its Cabin Crew recruitment process – and this time it hopefully won’t be a false start.  It’s not clear how long the application window will remain open or how many cabin crew the airline is aiming to recruit, but it is known that training courses are likely to be in 2019.  Applications can only be accepted via the official Etihad Airways careers website

Late last year, Etihad started a recruitment drive for cabin crew but the airline quickly closed the programme without anyone actually joining the airline after a massive restructuring project of the carrier got underway.  The airline has rationalised its route network and rumours suggest Etihad has even been looking to change or cancel some of the huge aircraft order it holds with both Boeing and Airbus.

The latest step in this transformation process was announced in July and it looks like Etihad has now turned a corner and got to the stage where it can begin hiring new staff again.  Candidates will be initially shortlisted via their online application and then invited to attend an Assessment Day – it’s not yet been announced where these Assessment Day’s will be held.

The twist in the story

But there’s a twist to this story – as the dire financial situation at Etihad unfolded (in 2016, the airline lost an incredible $1.95 billion USD), the airline’s recruitment team were forced to stop hiring any new cabin crew as Etihad tried to save costs by cutting its workforce.  Unfortunately, recruiters already had a backlog of successful candidates waiting to join the airline.

Initially, Etihad was really good in the way they approached the situation – they sent regular emails to the on-hold candidates and informed them that there might be some wait before they were assigned a training course.  Then, in May, some of the candidates were told their application had expired while others remained in the “holding pool”.

Now that Etihad is finally able to start hiring new crew, it now turns out that even those candidates in the holding pool will have to reapply for the job.

“We were incredibly grateful for your flexibility and now that we are planning for 2019, we want you to have the very first opportunity to interview for the positions we are looking to fill in the new year,” an email from the airline reads.

Candidates in the holding pool will be guaranteed a place at an Assessment Day but will then be judged against all the other candidates on the day.

Minimum requirements

If you want to apply for this role, you’ll need to meet some of these minimum requirements:

  • At least 21-years old
  • Able to reach 210cm without shoes (but on tiptoes if necessary)
  • Physically fit and able
  • Confident swimmer
  • Minimum education up to High School level
  • Fluent in both spoken and written English

You’ll also need to prove you have an ability to work well in a cosmopolitan, international team of colleagues, taking personal responsibility to provide an excellent service for Etihad’s passengers.

Candidates must have a clean criminal record and have access to a passport with the unrestricted right to travel.  Tattoo’s and body piercings must be completely covered and not visible when wearing the Etihad Airways cabin crew uniform.

What’s happening at Etihad

What does the future hold for Etihad?  That’s a very good question and with so many rumours circulating at the moment, it’s a little difficult to say.  The airline still has an impressive global footprint and operates a modern fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft.

At the same time, the airline’s new chief executive hasn’t made any secret of the fact that Etihad will have to become smaller and leaner if it is to find its place in the world.  Then there are the continuing rumours that Etihad may even merge with Dubai’s Emirates.

For now, though, it’s pretty much business as usual.

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