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    Could you please give me an idea if it would be a problem, once joined Emirates, that sometimes (especially when the nurse has drawn a lot of blood) I faint\syncope after having blood drawn? I am scared of it, that’s why I react like that.

    I mean, if I syncope after having blood drawn during Medical check in Dubai,  would it be a big deal? In pre-employment Medical Examination Form “Recurrent vaso-vagal (fainting) attacks” are mentioned as unacceptable but I am not sure what exactly is behind it. Do you think that if I declare it, it would be something that would lead to being unsuccessful after such a long process?

    I would be grateful for your help.

    Thank you!


    Hi Karo,

    Thanks for your message.  I wouldn’t worry too much about this at all… and personally, I wouldn’t declare it.  If there was a more serious underlying problem or you had a history of fainting in other situations then yes, you would have to make them aware but it sounds that this is more of a psychological block when it comes to having your blood taken.

    It’s fairly common and it happens on the day no one would think anything bad of you.

    If it is still concerning you, then I would suggest discussing this with a fully qualified healthcare professional.  They’ll be able to tell you if there is anything more serious to be worried about and might be able to suggest coping strategies to prevent it from happening.

    I hope this puts your mind at ease!


    Hi Mateusz,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.  If it not such a big issue, I will not worry about this

    It helped to put my mind at ease. 🙂

    Thank you.

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