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    There’s gonna be an open day in my home country soon and I have few questions.
    First – what should I bring with myself? Only my CV and one business attire passport photo? Or do I also need to bring other photos, like the casual photo and full body bussiness attire?
    Second – if I speak french on an intermediate level should I state it in my CV? is it a plus even though it is not a native speaker level?
    Third – I’m currently a university student (fresh 23 years old) and I’m really afraid this is a reason why I won’t even get into 2nd round because the recruiters would think I wouldn’t be able to leave the country because of it (I have plenty of work experience in customer service etc though). I’m currently still studying my uni only because I have a good part time job and I’m not looking for anything full time since I want to try my luck with the open day. So my question is should I state in my CV that I’m currently studying or should I write there that I was studying but I quit (even though I didn’t but at this point I’m only studying it because I have ‘nothing’ else to do) or should I not mention that I’m studying at all and only put my part time jobs there? But then I’m afraid I won’t look good for the recruiters. I don’t want to lie in my CV but I also want to look as good as possible. I’m really desperate about this. What is the best option? Are there even any students who got the golden call?
    Four – is it okay if I only have part time jobs experience and nothing full time?

    Thank you so much for answering!

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