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    Hi everyone,
    I applied for Emirates Cabin Crew about 2 weeks ago, successfully submitted my application and received a confirmation email. When I went into check the progress my application status was ‘Application Under Review’. While in the system there was a technical glitch and I accidentally withdrew my whole application!?

    I have attempted to resubmit my application and all the exiting information has remained in the system (photos, resume ect) Thank goodness! However it keeps requesting the video interview which I have already completed! The application overview has, Questionnaire Requested ‘Yes’ and then the date completed. It won’t allow me to resubmit because it thinks I haven’t done the online interview..


    Has this happened to anyone else? Do I have to redo the whole interview online? Please help!!!

    I have reported an error through their careers website however I am not confident I will get a response or any help 🙁

    Good luck to everyone applying for Emirates x


    Dont lose hope bro

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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