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    I come to your story about Qatar Airways. I am currently working here as cabin crew and all the facts that are been published are true and there is much more that is hidden from the company.
    I am struggling here and I’ve working in very bad conditions. I don’t know to whom to turn myself to. So I was googling and come to this topic about QR.

    The company doesn’t let me go home. I wanted to resign one month ago and they kept on giving me some excuses and promises to come back later and later so I come back (after taking a sick leave to go home as I was emotionally tortured) and they told me they don’t have any answer, to come back the next day. I come back the next day and they still didn’t had an answer. (To keep the story shorter the answer is that: i was punishment for final warning from the company because my senior on that flight reported me that i wasn’t smiling to my collegues and she diverted the story that it was to the customers and many other lies written so the management of the company punished me with a final warning which is to do only turnaround flights, without layovers for the next 6 months and if anything else will happen within a year period there will be termination, so i said that I will not accept that and that I want to resign, and they were convincing me to stay that they will solve the problem, which they didn’t).

    After that I stated myself loud and clear that I AM RESIGNING on which the manager come to me with a piece of printed paper on it a screenshots of a Facebook Post that I wrote. The post was in a very secret group i would say for the ex cabin crew that are looking for a new job. I posted a query about a new job offers and that I am not happy with QR.


    That was it. No details shared even though I was asked to share why was that and I refused. So the manager said to me that I broke the law of contract with QR and social media policy, which is not true. I haven’t shared any details about QR and what is happening there i only shared MY PERSONAL FEELING which has nothing to do with the company. She said to write a statement, which I did and they put me under INVESTIGATION!


    I cannot leave home, I cannot leave the company! I keep on calling them to give me an update they keep on saying we gonna call you back we still don’t have an answer! I’ve been locked for days in their accommodation and I cannot leave! This is emotional abuse!!!


    And all the employees there are aware of and everyone is afraid to talk anything because they will loose their jobs! There’s been murders and suicides hidden and the company doesn’t have words to say! Cabin crews are battling with depression and fear from their employer! Working long hours with no rest! Doing ULH sector of 20hrs work going to USA with a rest of 24hrs which is coming back the very next day as it’s a 3 hours flight! Shame on this company I wish everyone knows about it! I have nowhere to turn, I can’t go home this is unbelievable that they are keeping me locked for days! It is a not human enviorment at all, I wish noone joins this company ever!


    I’m so sorry to hear your story.


    We would strongly recommend you get in contact with both the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)  – They may be able to offer advice and support, and they need to hear these stories in order to bring about change.


    In the meantime, we would strongly recommend complying with QR’s policies in order to bring the investigation to a close as fast as possible.  It’s important to note that the law has recently changed in Qatar and you should be able to leave the country without your employer’s consent.  However, it may be wise to first obtain professional advice from your country’s consulate or embassy.


    The very best of luck!


    Oh hun… ?

    This is so bad. You gotta get outa there



    Well, ok, if this situation happens, what to do. In principle, there are all embassies in Qatar. So you must understand that you are a citizen of your country and according to UN and international laws – You Have Rights. If you are under arrest – what is the reason, who made this decision and why without your notification. The company cannot arrest you: it is not the police and not a court. You take a taxi, go to the embassy of your country and Enter the territory of your embassy. On the territory of the embassy, you have no right to be touched by Qatar. You explain to them (you can do it even now from your laptop, just write them on email or make a call) , you write to the BBC, the Reuters, the Buzzfeed, the EU authorities on human rights and start so huge hype and movement, that believe me Qatar will regret many many times.
    Also post on twitter tagging Qatar, BBC, reuters, UN. Use hash tags #metoo #humanrights #qatarprison #savecabincrew

    Do it. Now you are in war with Qatar, so don’t be afraid.

    Ken Nunya

    Hmmmm. This sound so weird… so does it mean you are the only worker going through this ordeal? Cos am thinking others should be facing same.  And so sure the world class airline has some flaws which any other company do have but would not be doing things to attract embargoes as it’s already going through. Definitely wouldn’t get anyone joining them.. Let’s get the facts rightly. Probably you will make the best for them being better than any other.


    Please update if you are still with Qatar airways ???


    I want a job as cabin crew with Qatar. Anyone here working with Qatar should help me be part. Thank you.

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