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    Hello there.  So upset I failed the online test.  Math was easy.  I think I might of answered the least and most the wrong way around.  I thought the most I would do was the correct way – does anyone know?  Also my personality test came back as not a team player they are joking currently I work in a team in a customer service environment and I always get high scores in appraisals for being a great team player, so what did Indo wrong.  Would like to reapply again in 6 months as I was recommended to apply as I helped calm a passenger down on a recent BA flight.  I have an honours degree in computer science so I’m not stupid.  Could it be age related I’m over 50?  I earn 3 times the salary,  however would like a change in direction.  Thoughts anyone?

    Thank you.


    I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t succeed on this occasion.  The British Airways online assessment is a particularly tricky one to get right and we’ve heard of a lot of people with great experience getting knocked back.  The good thing is that you’ve already assessed your performance and will be able to give it another go with that knowledge and experience.  For the personality test, stay laser-focused on what qualities the recruitment team are looking for.  Unfortunately, the system is looking for a pre-programmed way of answering the questions.  Often there doesn’t appear to be a right or wrong answer but you’ll be far better placed to do better in the future.


    Just few minutes ago,while brousing,I read your post,and I wanted to give  you my personal point of view.
    This job hunting experience,at B.A.once was my routine disperation ,because I needed a job pretty bad!!
    I think airlines are not really enthusiastic about a cabin attendant with a degree  + honours in computer science,they basically wonder  ” why working with an airline,with such a degree?”The ideal person for them is a service member,good looking and patient,very patient.I had gone ,in hundreds of interviews,and I still remember,when in Alitalia, the H.R. Manager asked me ” Sir you’re in, now!Alitalia is your new family.But let me ask you one more thing,are you leaving this airline, once you graduate?”  In that particular occasion, I showed a very coincise CV,with a reference in my College studies.I suggest you, to try any other Airline ,go back again in 6 months to B.A.Make a certain numbers of flying hours, and knock on B.A.’s door!!Please,make sure you point out what you normally do, in your TEAM.Show words,like DREAM.Be different,be yourself!There is a video, of a Spanish cabin attendants,hired by Easyjet,she is simply 60!  I am 63, and I finally retired…still I am reconsidering  a cabin crew position! Good Luck! I live in Italy .


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