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    Hello Everybody,

    I’m in a bit of dilemma in case anybody can help i’d appreciate it. I submitted my application on February 5th and the submission status read: Application Received. However, since then there has been no updates or change of submission status. I’m concerned on what that means exactly, emirates doesn’t hold assessment days in my country (Tanzania) but i planned to attend those that were taking place in South Africa. However since they are invitation only, i was wondering if anyone knows how i can get my application reviewed or get an invitation to attend one of the assessments happening in South Africa this week.

    *any help or information would be greatly appreciated.


    Hello Raheem,

    This is a really interesting point you’ve made.  Your application status still says ‘Application Received’ because a recruiter hasn’t reviewed your application yet – and this won’t happen until the recruitment team plan to hold an Open Day / Assessment Day in your region.  Unfortunately, the recruiters will probably only review applications from South African’s for the AD’s that are due to be held in the country.  As a result, sadly, your application won’t be reviewed on this occasion.

    Hopefully, Emirates will arrange an Open Day in South African soon.


    How much time does Emirates give to join the training after being selected in the final interview?


    This can very much vary from candidate to candidate.  We would generally expect a period of between 2-4 months – Although training was suspended for a couple of months in summer which led to a longer delay for some candidates.


    Quite long waited for this..

    SJ phaker
    1. Hey everyone, I am South African and I applied in July and my application status still says “application Received” Do I need to reapply or continue waiting for Emirates to respond? <!–more–>

    Generally speaking, if you haven’t seen any update on your application within six weeks then you should consider your application unsuccessful ?


    As you are meant to wait 6-months between applications, you should be very careful about submitting multiple application s or opening a second account.


    SJ phaker

    Hey my application status changed to application under review ?? so excited because Emirates took like forever to respond.

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